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Summarize of the first half of 2017

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Hope everything goes well with you!

Hope everything goes well with you!

Some of your guys work with me more than ten years, some even more than twenty years, and some others join us one by one this year. It is definitely difficult for a company to resume, but all of us persist and work hard to find a way to belong to ourselves.
Except for stabilized orders, we acquire many achievements through our wisdom and sweat, such as company certification (ISO, ICTI, GSV, BFA and so on). The foundation has been set up, but we still need to find out our deficiency and improve thoroughly, continuously learning and implement. Thank you all, thanks for your hard working in Yanglin.
The sweet fruits make us happy and give us the motivation to move forward, we should be proud. However, we must know that our comprehensive strength is still weaker than other company in this field. The brave man wins the narrow road. If we want to win in the fierce competition, we only use our spirit of drawing the sword and find ways to succeed. In addition, we need a spirit, a sense of ownership, and a passionate attitude of working. The lifeline of a company is quality and on time delivery. Only the first-class products can create first-class enterprises and become customers' satisfied enterprises, we must make continuous efforts.
Please keep in mind below is the core of our company:
1.  Work without effort is equal to zero
2.  Ability without perform is equal to zero
3.  A plan without action is equal to zero
4.  Opportunity without a fight is equal to zero
5.  Arrangement without supervision is equal to zero
The jobs must be arranged, implemented, and supervised. They cannot substitute for supervision. They should discover problems, deal with problems, summarize experiences and learn lessons by supervising and summarizing, and will be possible to do a better job in the end. I believe if we unite, cooperate and work together; we will surely create a better Yanglin in future.
Thank you all!