What is the art toy?

What is an art toy?

Art toys are also called designer toys, they are collectible toys created by artists and designers. Unlike children's toys, art toys are usually considered to be collectibles for people over the age of 14. The art toys are handmade by designers or artists, like Tristan Eaton we worked with him before. Or manufactured by independent toy companies, such as MEDICOM TOY, KIDROBOT, and MIGHTY JAXX we have worked on many projects for them. The art toys are special-interest collectibles, their quantities are limited offered and retail prices are higher subject to limitations of craftsmanship and funding.

What is the art toy made of?

The art toys are made of a variety of materials, such as ABS, PVC, WOOD, METAL, LATEX, PLUSH and RESIN.

What is the vinyl toy?

The most popular art toys on the market are what we usually call vinyl toys. The vinyl is not the name of the material, but a production process, their material is still PVC.

What is the Sofubi?

Sofubi is a Japanese abbreviation for soft vinyl, also known as Japanese soft plastic. The Sofubi is not only referring to the material but also to the design style and finishing process. The classic Sofubi is produced in tooling; hand painted or sprayed and uses the brush to create different decorations.

The art toy is toy or art?

The debate on this point has never stopped. The art toy is not only an assembly line product; it is the cohesion of the designer's abstract thinking and ideas. The design of art toys often comes from children's cartoon images, the works belong to a different adult market after secondary creation. They are becoming a personal interest, taste display and rather than simply to play with.

Does the blind box an art toy?

My opinion is yes, looking back at the definition and characteristics of art toys, blind boxes belong to art toys. If someone thinks that the blind box is not an art toy, they must have thought that the quality of the blind box is not good enough. The blind box is the designer's diversified creation of a character, usually as an entry-level product for famous art toy works. The blind box reduces the threshold of entry to the art toy and makes more people involved. This is the reason why art toys are popular on the market.